Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Anti-Procrastination Note cards and Sewing


What a productive week it’s been!  I think the accountability of this link party is working.  Thank you, Amy, at New Nostalgia for hosting Anti-Procrastination Tuesday.  I have to laugh, too, because one of her “to-do” items was to make homemade tortillas.  That was on my list, too!  I made them for dinner, for tonight.

She has a big list but I see so many things are very similar to my life.  The one that caught my eye the most was to start the day with time with God.  I never want to check that off my to-do list because I don’t want to have that done- rather, it’s in process.  I enjoy The Daily Bread online- find the link in the side bar; “Our Daily Bread.”

I use Microsoft Outlook Task List on a regular basis for keeping track of my to-do’s and general tasks, such as household chores.  I love the progress status and the reminder notices.

First, I have to update last week’s list.  I got a lot accomplished, actually.  Of the three items on my list, I got one thing done.  I made a set of placemats I have wanting to start/finish for over a year now.  I did not continue working on my entry way table and I haven’t even attempted my aunt’s craft challenge.  I did get the eight placemats made, but not before my brother came for breakfast on Saturday.  Still, they are done.

blog photos 025

I also need to check off making note cards.  I dragged out my big box of old cards I have collected and created new ones.  I even wrote a handful of notes to friends, and mailed them!

card redo 001

Mostly, I try to keep my list fairly short.  I get more accomplished in smaller bites.  I can always tape the small lists together to make one big one, right?

This week I am looking forward to

  1. working on my entry table- I need to figure out what to put on the top; memorabilia-type stuff
  2. Finish my big list of recipes and put all the recipes I use in one book
  3. Work on our boat to get it ready for a trip to the San Juan Islands- 18th anniversary next week; mainly, I need to reserve a couple of nights moorage

Anniversary boat trip 010

One last accolade for Amy’s list.  I love how she listed giving her kids three jobs a day.  This is a tactic I implemented a while back.  They are too busy for job lists and I can hardly keep track of which ones are here and gone, and coming home when?  Not only can I remember three things, but the kids are pretty good at it, too.  If they are home long enough, sometimes I have more work for them.


Mass Hole Mommy said...

Hi there! I'm your newest follower!

Marie @ Chocolate-Covered Chaos said...

I try to keep my lists smaller, too. Otherwise, I get overwhelmed because I can never accomplish everything. Your placemats are lovely!

Marianne said...

Cute placemats, it doesn't matter when they got done, what matters is that they did get done.
It is always good to finish a project even if you might get discouraged by it not being finished at the time you want it to.
That is how I felt about my quilt. I almost quit because it didn't turn out the way I wanted to and I couldn't manage to finish it before the baby came, but had I not finished it I would never have learned so much about quilting.
I am off to write my shortlist for today, and tape it to my weekly list ;)

Amy Bowman said...

your words are so kind, I am so glad "AP Tuesdays" are helping, although you seem to have more drive than you give yourself credit for!
how were the tortillas?
Thanks for linking up...

Chaos Cottage said...

Hey Beth, thank you for visiting my blog. Yes, a detailed menu helps tremendously with the grocery shopping, which I detest. Sometimes hubby is good and does it for me and the detailed list is very helpful for him. Gonna check out your blog now. Come back and see me again soon.

Sherry said...

Anti-procrastination Tuesday, what a great idea! Your note cards and placemats are great. A trip to the San Juans for your anniversary sounds woderful. As always your blog makes me smile.

Caceres Family~ said...

LOVE the placemats and the table setting....makes me want to sit down to tea and brunch...or lunch or any food! HA!! very inviting and I love the idea of AP tuesday.....I am going to have to think about linking up, sometime ;)
hope you are having a great day.