Monday, August 16, 2010

Metamorphosis Monday Describes My Weekend


My house looks like a bomb went off.  Sorry, no pictures.  I had my cousin’s three year come stay with us for a few days last week.  I had forgotten how busy little people can be; not to mention staying with them every step.

weekend bathroom redo 001
Coloring pictures, drinking “tea” from the pretty tea pot, her own “tea” cup, a bucket of grapes, and the pretty princess she found in my daughter’s room- “not for touching, only for looking.”

She was great fun and I am so glad we had this time with her.  I really wasn’t concerned about the big mess because I had a few days after to get the house in order.  The rest of the week would be slow and easy.

The sun was warming up.  I worked at a slower pace, but no worries, the job would get done.  Then the the water heater died.  It’s hard to get things clean without water.  I had to stop what I was doing and help get the water heater changed.  That was fine but now the laundry and dishes were backing up.  The sun got hotter.

This must be the recipe for getting things done though.  Right in the middle of all this craziness, my husband updated my bathroom.  In five hours, before he left for work, he made my bathroom new.

My bathroom is what would be considered the master bath.  That’s a pretty funny description since it is so tiny.  I don’t mind the petite size because I get it all to myself, more or less.  My husband prefers the hall bath.

We opted not to renovate when we updated the rest of the house.  We didn’t know how we wanted to change it, and the cost was not in our budget.   I thought it would be just fine, but the little prison sink and toilet were getting to be too painful- hunching over, etc.

weekend bathroom redo 003

weekend bathroom redo 007 weekend bathroom redo 011

My friend updated her bathroom so she had a pedestal sink available.  That was a perfect solution.  My husband said it would be no problem to swap it out.  It was such a non-problem, he replaced the flooring and put in a new toilet while he was at it.  We already had the flooring from another project.

weekend bathroom redo 012 weekend bathroom redo 015

weekend bathroom redo 016

weekend bathroom redo 018

I have to paint now.  That was not on the schedule so it will wait a few days.  Getting used to the height of the new fixtures will take a couple of days, too.  I love the change and it feels so much better.  My husband is amazing to be able, and willing, to do this for me.  I know it is partly for him because it is our house, but it is a big deal that he did this to make my days easier.

It looks so clean, it makes me forget all the clutter and cleaning.  It also inspires me to get this house in order.  This is my metamorphosis weekend.


Alyssa said...

Beth!!! It looks great! I think it's so neat that Pete is able to do something like this in 5 hours and get it done - how cool?!

It also looks very neat and clean!

Hope you're having a great Monday.


Sherry said...

I finally got the chance to take a look. What a great change! What color are you painting it. Thanks for sharing the before and after, I always like to see those. You are getting a lot accomplished these days.