Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hombre Hair

Some time ago, I came across some blog posts about “poo-free” hair.  I don’t really care for the term, but I was intrigued.  I learned about washing your hair without using soap.  This was highly interesting to me because I am always trying to extend the life of hair color— the box color, that is.

blog photos 011
This is my slathering a mixture of egg, avocado, lemon juice and I can’t remember what else, in preparation of updating my color.

I have a lot of grey and the grow-out is dull and drab.  I’m not really sure if it helps, by I do a lot of DIY hair treatments, in hopes of protecting my hair from drying out.  Not using soap is immensely helpful in this department, and it is much gentler on the scalp as well.

blog photos 014
A bit scary looking now…

hombre hair 003

hombre hair 001

Aaahhh, much better.  This effect is called hombre.  We had some cakes done in hombre icing for my daughter’s wedding.  When I saw it as a hair color effect, I was instantly captivated.  Some people are not as impressed, but fortunately my husband approved.  My hairdresser was excited to try this out on me and she was pleased with the results.  The effect came to be to help minimize the stark contrast of dark-root grow out.  I love doing it just because.  I was originally going to keep my base color closer to the natural grow out but this red was just too hard to resist.  I really like the effect with blue or green hair, and multi-color hair. Tags: ,,

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Self Sagacity said...

It made your eyes more green. I like that you like trying new things. I favor the honey red on you. (lighter red)