Sunday, January 20, 2013

Resolution Update

I have been enjoying reading so many blogs, I have been inspired to write a post.  I must confess, I cannot make up my mind about what to share.

First, I must update my resolution progress.  Why is January so slow when it comes to showing progress on a resolution?  It seems I am working so hard but it really has only been a couple of weeks.

Getting to the Gym

hi tek fitness

We decided to check out a gym closer to our home than the one to which we have been going.  My husband seems to be happy with the setup and the machines are very nice.  It took me all week to finally check the place out.  The machines are too hi-tech for me, at least so far.  They can track your progress and they connect to facebook.  Yikes!  I just want to turn on the TV and work out for 45 minutes.  It took me about 15 minutes to realize I had no clue how to make the machine work.  I left and went to the other gym.

Still, I will give it another try because it is so much closer.  This is the only time I got to the gym this week so I did not make my goal of three days, but I’m not dead yet and there is another week ahead.

Kids’ Blogs about Living in Italy

Now, I have to share my niece and nephew’s blogs.

barnacle pot

This is a link to my nephew Race’s blog.  He shares a story about this vase and why it is in the living room of the apartment they are renting in Napoli, Italy, where they are living for the next few months.

Jules Art

This is my niece’s blog about her adventures in Italy.  She is busily getting their new temporary home settled in and her room decorated.  She is crazy creative!

They are keeping us busy with updates on their travels.  Reading their blog posts is almost as good as traveling to Italy, and it’s a lot cheaper.  Because they are there for an extended time, they get to see and do things typical travel does not allow.  We enjoy their blogs from the teen perspective so much.  I hope you check them out. Tags: ,,,


Naomi LeClair said...

Awesome! It is fun to read your blog. Thank you, too, for following R&J's blogs. I know I can confidently say it is a joy to know others are enjoying our stories and pictures.

Self Sagacity said...

How is this resolution going? I have a post coming up about my commitments of work-out soon here, I hope you will get to read it. It's a great inspiration...I hope!
See you again soon ;-)