Monday, January 14, 2013

Anti Procrastination Tuesday 31 Things in 31 Days


I am linking today’s post with New Nostalgia for Anti Procrastination Tuesday blog party.

My Goals for this week are:
1.  Spend time in the Word each day- to fill my mind with what matters and not think about what doesn’t
2.  Keep up my Lose It log and get to the gym 3 days- to be better at eating the right foods and stop useless snacking
3.  Write 3 notes to friends (snail mail kind)- I used to do this more often and have gotten out of the habit.  There are so many cute note cards, too.

Keeping up with my New Year’s Resolution
Mainly, I have updated my blog a couple of times in the new year so far.  That’s a start.  I will have to do a post about the blogs I visit soon so I can be accountable to the second part of my resolution, which is to visit other blogs more regularly.  I have been pinning to pinterest. 


Last week, I Dream of Clean posted a challenge to get rid of something each day for 31 days.  (It was on the facebook page, not a blog post.)  I had already gone through a few hot spots around my home to de-clutter but was pretty certain this was a challenge I could accomplish.


Instead of just getting rid of one item, my idea is to remove things from one area of my home, each day.  These are a few items in my dish cabinet.  I love all of these things, of course, but I am making room for some new dishes I would like to purchase in a few months.  Sure, I could keep it all; maybe find some cute boxes to pack things up.  I just don’t enjoy these things if I am not using them regularly.  I would rather pass them on to people that can use them now.


I have a bit of a purse habit.  I never seem to find quite the right one, but I do find a lot of them.  After taking out these two, I still have around ten in my closet.  It’s one thing to get rid of my unwanted purses but I really love to give them to people that like them.  When I posted to FB about getting rid of something each day for 31 days, my friend was interested in the white purse.  I’m super excited to be able to pass this on to her.


One area I tend to hoard is recyclable items- you know, containers and such that came as one thing but can be used for something else.  I am horrible about not wanting to let these things go.  My daughter and husband have been very helpful at encouraging me to let them go.  I have a saying- “it’s ok to throw it away.”  The more I repeat this, the more I believe it.  I know you are thinking of all the things I could do with these votive jars and that great box.  Believe me, I have done enough and I already have a few so I don’t need any more.

sunrise and getting rid of stuff 016

My husband asked me to consider why I need so many mugs.  I didn’t think I had that many, really.  Well, I did- I do.  When I consider having a cabinet full of mugs and then a cabinet full of tea cups, it’s easy to understand I need to move something along.

I have no idea why I was keeping these mugs, except they are so darn practical.  Really, I rarely use them and they don’t really go with anything so I don’t really want to use them.  I am taking them to work to be useful there… I hope.  I’m kind of sad about the big mug though because it was a set of four.  Since it is chipped, I am attempting to pass it on.  I don’t really like chipped mugs, and I still have three more just like it.


Obviously organizing and reducing is quite common this time of year.  The stores are full of containers and all sorts of organizational systems.  We’ve added new things from Christmas so our homes are full.  I’ve been enjoying all the blog posts about simplifying and organizing.  If you have a post about this, please leave me a link.