Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year’s Resolution Already Sliding

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We always joke about how short of time we stick to our new year’s resolutions.  I think this year is my fastest time of falling away with disinterest.  I am uninspired and very much unmotivated.

My first resolution is to keep my blog updated and to visit other blogs.  My hope was to use Anti-Procrastination Tuesday as my go-to encouragement to keep up.  That lasted one day, and one post.  I should have posted in time to link up for yesterday’s link party!

coconut sugar

This is a link to the Delightfully Free blog post I read last week about coconut sugar.  I’m delighted to say we purchased some and my husband used it in his coleslaw recipe.  I am not a huge fan of sweet coleslaw but it was very delicious.

lose it

Another resolution I made was to keep my Lose It updated.  Lose it is a weight loss and exercise tracking log.  I started a log to help encourage my husband with his progress.  Turns out, he is way more motivated and pro-active than I intended to be.  I find it interesting and fun to keep track of my food and exercise but I am at a good weight.  I don’t need to keep track of my food and exercise so I don’t.

Realistically though, everyone should keep track of what they are eating.  It’s quite surprising to realize how much food I eat each day.  When I keep a log, I think twice about eating all the caramels and ice cream before bed.  I like the Lose It program because there is an app for my tablet or I can access my account online.  I do wish they had an app for windows phone, but such is the plight of the windows phone user.

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Keeping a food journal seems to be the biggest help in losing weight and keeping it off.  It is also helpful in achieving and maintaining a healthier eating lifestyle, whatever those changes are for you.  Whether you choose a digital journal or a paper journal, I encourage everyone to make this a part of your day.

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