Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Two Question Thursday with Self Sagacity

I am participating in Two Question Thursday at Self Sagacity. 

2 Questions

I have enjoyed reading this blog every now and then because of the thought-provoking posts.  Thursdays, she poses two questions to respond to and then gives the opportunity to link your own post, asking your own two questions.


My husband has implemented a plan that entails the two of us getting away for a brief holiday, about four times a year.  These trips have no rules, except that they be just about the two of us.

Now that I am working, which is probably why we need these breaks, it seems I have a lot of logistics to work through to make even a weekend getaway happen.  This says nothing about leaving my kids to fend for themselves.


This brings me to my questions.  Question 1)  How often do you get away with your spouse?  Question 2)  Do you find it useful to leave your kids behind for a couple of days while you get away with your husband?


For the record?  I am a big fan of leaving the kids behind for a few days.  Don’t get me wrong.  I worry and think about them too much while we’re away.  Still, I know this time apart is good for all of us.  We have actually been doing this since the kids were just a few weeks old- as soon as Grandma was willing to take the kids.  She is a good grandma!

We have had different phases of busy-ness in our life so going away  hasn’t always had any routine regularity.  Now that the kids are older and able to manage themselves while we are away, we can do this.  I am so glad we are, too, because I can see how easy it is to get wrapped up in work or too involved in my kids’ daily life.

If you would like to answer my two questions, leave your answer in the comment field.  Feel free to leave a link to your blog, too.  Also, be sure to stop by Self Sagacity and see what everyone else is asking.


Dominique Goh said...

I find that it is important for couples to get their time off from their kids. We can't do that as yet as our youngest is only 2yrs old and very sticky. It does help sending the older boys to their grandparents on the weekends so that we can have some time to ourselves.

Cathy Kennedy said...

This is very interesting. DH & I will be kicking off some 'alone' time beginning tonight. DS is spending the next 9-days with his sisters. In the past, we've been privilege to do this by allowing their grandparents to keep them for a few weeks in another state. The break we all got from one another was refreshing and very much needed. The first time we did this it bothered me a lot, but after a few years it became easier. Now, our kids are grown. DDs are married and DS is now in college, so the worry factor isn't as much as it was when they were younger, but to have that time together with my DH is just as ever important and special. I'm so ready for this! =D

Lori E said...

We started when our kids were little. We partnered up with our neighbors who had 2 kids around the same age. It was just for a day but it was the WHOLE day. Starting about 10 am the kids would go to the other house to play. They would stay there right through dinner until bedtime before one of the parents would bring them home to their own beds and stay with them until we got home. This gave you all day to lounge around, get ready to go out if you wanted to and then to come home and not have to either pay or drive a sitter home. We would then take their kids another day that month.
Now that our sons are grown we still try to take some time to do things together but it is almost more difficult due to me working full time now too. Who would have thought that it would be harder once the kids were grown.

Anonymous said...

I find it very important to keep the couple relationship alive and close, and yes, leaving the children at home is a must..

Self Sagacity said...

Hello Beth, thanks for your visits and posting your questions today. It is so nice that you have grown kids, it's time for you and hubby to enjoy one another.

1) It was just yesterday that I had this feeling of, I need time with SO to ourselves. We can never finish a conversation without being interrupted, and have to get up and take care of something for someone. It is extremely important for a couple to get away from time to time. We for the record have not been able to and I can see it is taking a toll on ME.
2) Yes. We are different people when we are not moms and dads. It's really refreshing to get to know SO as a "temporary" single-mind once in a while.

JamericanSpice said...

It's a good thing. I just don't know how that will work with us right now. Plus we have young children.