Sunday, October 14, 2012

Corn earworm in organic corn

A couple of weeks ago, my friend gave me some home-grown corn on the cob.  I love the sweet, creamy flavor of the corn and I really appreciate the effort of the people that grew this corn.tea, catepillar and candles 011

It could kind of freak people out to find a bug in their food but I imagine all kinds of bugs have been all over the food that comes from the garden.  How could it not?

tea, catepillar and candles 010

I kind of have a soft spot for bugs, for some odd reason.  I don’t even kill spiders.  When I was a kid, I even kept slugs.  I figure this caterpillar could live out his life in this jar, with a chunk of corn and be pretty happy.  He seems to be growing pretty well.

corn earworm

Sad to say, he is actually a fairly harmful critter, known as a corn earworm.  He will turn into an ugly moth in about a month it seems.  While I am not inclined to kill him, I am not excited about moths, or crop infesting creatures.  I guess I will decide what becomes of him when that time comes. Tags: , Tags:


Nancy said...

I think my chickens would think of him as a delicacy! :-D

Lyndie said...

gross....... thats all i have to say.... :)