Monday, August 20, 2012

10 Minute Facelift Anti Procrastination Tuesday

I am linking today’s post with New Nostalgia for Anti-Procrastination Tuesday.  Amy’s blog has been an encouragement to me, as well as my blogging motivation.  There are so many great blogs linked to her weekly blog party so stop by and see who else has joined the party.


We just returned from our family holiday.  We were gone for about nine days, on a road trip.  We drove from our home to Boise, Idaho, to Ogden, Utah, to Reno, Nevada, to Crater Lake National Park and then back to home, with stops in between.  Tons of fun, of course, but boy, was I tired when I got home.

Roadtrip 2012 047
Me and my two sons.  This is the first trip we have done without our newly married daughter.

This is the perfect time to quit procrastinating on a little personal TLC.  Time for a ten-minute facelift.

ten minute facial blog post 004

facelift amazon

This book was a 40th birthday gift, from a friend.  It is about more than outside appearance as it teaches about the skin and how overall body health makes you look older.  I took this book on our trip because I wanted to really learn the techniques.  Unfortunately I never got any oil so the massages were not as easy to perform.  I did practice on my husband though.  Now that we’re home, getting the oil is easy.  I chose apricot seed and grape seed.  The book tells which ones to use and why.

ten minute facial blog post 005

ten minute facial blog post 008

I opted to do this before bed so I could enjoy the relaxing feel as I drift off to sleep.  One essential reason facial massages have interested me lately is to relieve tension and the headaches it causes. 

ten minute facial blog post 010

I have had a couple rounds of terrible headaches and noticed a huge relief for a prolonged time when I had gone for a professional massage.  As nice as it would be to afford the cost and time of this regularly, it is not realistic.  Besides, the immediate relief of doing this myself is invaluable.

I didn’t get to spend the full ten minutes as I was interrupted… no worries.  It was relaxing any way.  As I get better with the basic techniques, I will add an additional portion, such as detoxing or deep facial for rejuvenation.

I hope you get to check out this book, or at least learn more about these techniques.

Roadtrip 2012 152
100 degrees at the Bonneville Salt Flats

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