Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Anti Procrastination Tuesday Multifarious Beauty

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Multifarious Beauty blog is my daughter’s blog.  I have shared about my daughter’s blog before, but I am encouraged to see her blogging more.  She will be starting a job soon so I am sure blogging will not be a priority for her.  For now, she is sharing her world with all of us.  This is extra fun for me since she has recently turned 18, gotten married and moved out of our home.  She is on her own and building her family now.

Sarah pinterest

Her pinterest boards are awesome!  Where does she find the time to find all this stuff?

Her latest blog post is about a baby shower gift she made for a friend.

baby gift

It is a pinterest idea, of course.  Click on the photo and read her post to find out more.

Visiting everyone’s blogs has been such a lift for me these days.  I am encouraged to see how people are positively spending their time and building their families.  I love the ideas I get from others, and I know others enjoy reading my blog, too.  Just taking the time to check in with people you only know for a minute is worth the effort.  You never know where that moment will lead.

Two other new blogs I have enjoyed this week are:

Lens and Pens, by Tammy.  Tammy is my “neighbor” and a mother of boys, which is a new Blog Society I have discovered.  (Yea! for moms of boys.)  She also homeschools, which is near and dear to my heart as well.

Moms of Boys is a blog society that links up other moms of boys and posts about being mother to boys.  I have only read a few posts but I am inspired by the differences of being a mom to sons from being a mother to daughters.  Now that my daughter is out of the house, I have to be a different mom.

Have a great Tuesday!  Beth.

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