Monday, August 27, 2012

Wedding Cake Pops DIY Video



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I’m sure I’ve posted about making cake pops a few times.  I was just thinking about the ones we made for the wedding and how delicious they were.  I could really go for one right now.  I have to settle for this photo instead.

I was, however, inspired to put together a quick video of us making about 400 cake pops.  We made three flavors:  coca cola, white cake, and red velvet cake.  All the cake was homemade.  I froze it but I found out it would have been ok to leave it out to dry out a bit.  Regardless, the dough turned out fine and they were so delicious.

We dipped the pops in white chocolate as apposed to candy melts.  It made a huge difference in flavor, although I was advised the dipping process was a little more difficult because of the chocolate.  I guess the candy melts have more paraffin so it doesn’t run as easily?  I don’t know but I do know I do not care for the plastic taste and consistency of candy melts.


I hope you enjoyed this video.  Thanks for stopping by.  Any cake recipes will do but if you would like to know which ones we used, email me or leave me a comment.


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