Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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Because my daughter and her blog are so super inspiring, I am linking my post to Delightful Order for Delightfully Inspiring Thursday Blog Party.

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You’ve probably seen a few of my posts revolve around my daughter and her up and coming wedding.  Planning a wedding pretty much takes over all a person’s spare creative thinking.  Throughout my days, I am considering whether something will be a good idea for the wedding.

This post is about my daughter’s blog.  I am very excited she has decided to do her own blog because she has some really great things to share with everyone.  Mostly she blogs about personal care issues.  That’s pretty normal when you are a single person.  Hopefully you will see how her personal care really comes down to her personal relationship with Christ.  That excites me the most.

fall college essay

One product that she is loving lately is Farm House Fresh.  I must admit, I am really enjoying their products as well.  I currently use the Strawberry Smash and the Whoopie! Cream.

Say Yes to the Dress party 008  My daughter put a little Strawberry Smash in these little jars I had, added the labels, and shared samples with my friends.

Say Yes to the Dress party 067  This is the full-size jar of Strawberry Smash I picked up at our local shop that sells Farm House Fresh-  Hoity Toity.  Aside from a hand full of local retailers, Farm Fresh products are online.

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