Monday, November 28, 2011

Back for Anti-Procrastination Tuesday

After another long stint of not blogging, I was determined to do a post for Anti-Procrastination Tuesday.  It seems no matter how long I go between posts, Amy’s blog encourages me to keep working at it.


Stop by New Nostalgia and see all the great posts linked up for this link party.  I always see great ideas and learn new things from her link party participants.

Now I have to explain the previous post (Sunday, Nov 27) in case you happened to see it.  If not, just scroll down)  It’s a sad excuse for a post so don’t go crazy looking for it.  I was trying out some new technology, in hopes of finding a new way to write my posts, even when I am at work, or otherwise on the go.

Work trip to CA through TG 2011 223

This is the Motorola Xoom.  It is a tablet PC, much like an ipad.  We’re not big on Apple computing in our home and we really don’t spend very much money on our technological pursuits.  This is in place of the kindle I had, until it was left on an airplane.  We were just going to get the new kindle fire but for a little more, we were able to get this Xoom.  The fire would have been great, I’m sure.  This just does so much more, and is an awesome! e-reader.  I’ve been using this table for almost a week now and I’ve already read most of a book (Battle Hymn of a Tiger Mother- great book, by the way).

Nativity ornament

This brings me to my Anti-Procrastination accomplishments.  One problem I have about writing my posts is that I have discovered GIMP photo editing software.  This software enables me to edit photos and create whole new images.  Because of this, I feel the need to update my blog template.  Because of this, I feel I can’t update my blog until I update my template.  Crazy, I know.

So now my template is updated a bit for Christmas.  I feel much better about the look and I am encouraged to add some new posts this week.  One of which will be about this maze we have created in our home since the kids took out all the Christmas boxes.  They were in the mood to get them out and I did not want to discourage them.  Who knows if the mood would last, and I didn’t want to have to get them all out.  My husband was inspired, too, and already got the Christmas lights out.  This has to be some kind of record.

Speaking of Christmas lights, I took some photos with my Xoom but because I wasn’t sure how to get them from the device to my computer, I haven’t done anything with them.  Getting this post done has forced me to figure it out.

New Xoom photos 051… oh, wait, this is the neighbors house.

New Xoom photos 071

Pretty good, huh?  We don’t have the huge spread but I like how my husband laid everything out and the pieces he chose.  The deer on the left is a new addition this year.  The tree will be in the window in a few days.

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