Thursday, December 8, 2011

Delightfully Inspiring Thursday I’ve Been Featured

First Off, I will apologize for my lateness to this blog party.  Despite the plethora of technology at my disposal, writing my blog posts is still proving to be complicated.

featured button Fortunately I did get a blog post done last week.  I linked it to Danita’s blog, Delightful Order, and her readers made my post her #1 most clicked on link.  I think this is pretty exciting.  Thank you Danita for having your link party.

Inspiring Thursday

So now it’s Thursday again.  Time to share a little inspiration.  Quite frankly, reading her blog is very inspiring.  I’m sure it is why I got into the Christmas spirit this week.  Against my practical behavior, I decorated my office at work.  Surprisingly I did not have enough left-over or unused decorations from home so I was forced to purchase a few items.  Hint- don’t buy Christmas decor this late in the season.




I wish I had my before pictures, from when I first moved in here.  Let me tell you, I work in an office with men!  Not that this is bad.  They just don’t have the need to be decorative.  I haven’t worked with the guys since I put up my scanty decorations so I don’t know how they feel about it.  I’m in this very cold kitchen/office by myself.  Well, except the tires, of course.

I’m feeling a bit more festive now.  I did add one more option.  If you look at the photo of my desk, you can see my desk top photo.

2006 Christmas window

This is Christmas 2006.  See how white it is outside.  The child in  the window is my “baby.”  He is not that little any more.  I am very much enjoying seeing this photo every day since I am at work and not at home.

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