Sunday, November 27, 2011

Where did the month go?

<p>This has been such a fast month.&#160; My work schedule really changed my focus and my daily goals.&#160; Basically, my goal was to come home, see my kids and get my clothes clean enough to wear the next day.&#160; This was the first month I really struggled to keep up on the laundry.</p>
<p>Staying up on my blog was impossible, and I know most bloggers have been there.&#160; I was feeling a bit discouraged until I remembered some of my favorite bloggers, such as, have endured events that prevented them from blogging for a time.  Heidi had a tree fall on her house.  You should stop by her blog and see how she is recovering.

Still, I am sad I have not shared a couple of life updates.  First being, I read a book this month.  Yes, I realize this is not monumental news for most.  For some reason, I never make reading a priority.  I do like to read when I travel so when I went to California this month, I took the book, Unbroken.  This book is about Louis Zamparini, 1930's Olympic runner, and his experience in World War 2.  It was such a compelling story, I read the book in three days.  I think everyone should read this book, but understand, the truth about war is hard to take.  Louis is still alive, which makes his story even more amazing.

My dad gave me this book.  Actually he gave it to my husband, and my husband was so taken with the story, he highly recommended I read it.  My one issue was it was a book.  Since I was given a kindle e-reader, I find books to be rather cumbersome and not as much fun to read.  I would have used my kindle if we had not left it on the plane a few months back.  No worries my husband pre-ordered the kindle fire.  At least that was the plan, until he came across a Motorola Xoom tablet for a little more than the fire would have cost.

A tablet is very versatile.  It makes an excellent e-reader.  I am already half way through another book, Battle Hymn of a Tiger Mother, by Amy Chua.  Another great read.

I can also surf the internet rather efficiently.  It has a forward and rear facing camera for taking photos, video, and web chatting.  Currently, I am attempting to write my blog post on it.  I'm not over excited by this process, but I had to see what it would be like.

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