Sunday, February 20, 2011

Not Doing Laundry Mosaic Monday

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Kid Art Mosaic

A lot of blogs I visit have beautiful picture mosaics.  I made mine using Gimp but I know there is a way to do it through Flikr and other photo posting sites.  LIttle Red House has a tutorial.

kid art green mosaic

Some days, I will do just about anything to avoid doing my laundry.  I have a very full week ahead so I have to be very planned about when and what I do.  Today I am supposed to be getting all my laundry in order.  Aside from washing, drying and folding dirty laundry, I have ironing and hanging all the outfits I have worn and will re-wear before washing.

To avoid this task, I tackled a stack of scanning items.  These are various items I have decided I can’t get rid of or file away until I have a digital copy.  These are mostly pictures the kids have drawn.  The stack has been accumulating since last Summer.  Maybe I need to visit Anti-Procrastination Tuesday!


When I look at these pictures, I realize how much the kids have grown and how much they have learned over the years.  They remind me to focus on the big picture of the learning process and not worry about the daily struggles.


I love this project by my youngest son.  He doesn’t care to draw and he worried about doing a “good enough” job on his report about Africa.  I love it!  He did a great job.  This project was actually from last year when he was 12.


My oldest son used to draw dragons over and over.  He had pages of them.  This is one I kept.  I put it in a book of a collection of his school assignments but I wanted to have a digital copy.  I use the kids’ artwork to make greeting cards for the grandparents and I think this picture is very card-worthy.  This dragon was drawn in 2007.  That was a few years ago!  He would have been 11 then.


I keep this piece out.  It is just too important to put away.  This is my daughter’s favorite verse.  I still remember when she memorized it.  Her personality is such that it is obvious she takes this verse to heart.   Maybe that’s why she drew hearts.

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Vee said...

What a good idea to scan the children's art work. I could do that some day when I want to avoid the laundry, which I am doing a very good job of doing today visiting Mosaic Monday participants. (My children are much older than yours, but I still have the artwork saved in boxes under my bed.) I love what your daughter did with her favorite verse.

Self Sagacity said...
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Self Sagacity said...

I too, can't get rid of any of the things my kids made for me, or their art projects. I would like to scan them too, but it takes a lot of time.

By the Bluegrass said...

What a cute and special idea!

Patti Hanan said...

I love the beautiful pictures. It is wise to scan your children's artwork. What a great way to save and share it! I agree with you about the laundry. There are always more important things to do!

Johnny Nutcase said...

fun post! I agree, laundry is no fun!