Thursday, February 17, 2011

Boeing Collection Show and Tell Friday


After a really busy week, and looking forward to a crazy busy week, I find I have a few quiet minutes.  I am excited to update my blog and I have decided to join Show and Tell Friday.

Most of the blogs I follow share beautiful posts of dishes and crafts and travel.  I could post about the same but today, I am excited to share my quirky collection of all things Boeing.  They just rolled out the new 747-8 this week.

plane 5 007copy

Interestingly, I started collecting Boeing items when I was in the 5th grade.  I have always had a thing for airplanes.

edmonds beach and 787 collection 025

I have no idea why I had to have this tray at such an early age (10 ish?).  This is from the Renton Open House in 1974.  I was only three and didn’t even live in Washington at that age.

vintage beth 001

We always went to the airshow every year.  My dad helped with the airplanes.  I helped out when I got older.  This is my brothers and I next to a 747.  Vintage 1976 or 77.

edmonds beach and 787 collection 026

Now it’s all about the 787.  Building a new kind of airplane is crazy business.  Patience and flexibility is mandatory.  I know it will be worth the wait.  It is a beautiful airplane.

Boeing Collection 003

There are a few other airplane items in my collection.  I have been around airplanes my whole life.  I love the airport.  I am huge Boeing Fan.

edmonds beach and 787 collection 024

That tin in the right corner has airplane shaped chocolates.  I ate most of them though.  Most of my things I have picked up at Family day or my husband has brought home for me.  I know I love his job more than he does-  only because I don’t have to be there every day.

Birthday Party in a Bag 001  I would love for you to enter my drawing for my Birthday Party in a Bag.


Alea said...

I love your collection! My husband is a pilot (Navy) and our two older kids have been around planes their whole life and like them, but our youngest LOVES them. He is only 3 1/2, but he can name them all - military and civilian - and collects any airplane items he can find. And Boeings are his favorite civilian (737) and military (F/A-18) airplanes. :)

Beth said...

That's so fun. Thanks for sharing. I hope it's ok to add your name to my drawing.

Self Sagacity said...

I like your show and tell post. Airplane shaped chocolates! That sounds like a real treat to eat...