Monday, July 26, 2010

Summertime, Relax-time

California Coast Drive

This is an exciting week for me.  This is the first year all three of my children are able to go to our church’s youth camp, at the same time.  As much as I thoroughly love interacting with my wonderful kids as much as I can, having a quiet home for a few days is quite a treat.  They are, in turn, excited to be away from my loving guidance, to prove to society they are becoming conscientious human beings.  The point is not to raise children, but productive members of society.

So, with this in mind, I also intend to do some peaceful crafting and otherwise regroup my homemaking practices.  The first step, today, is to write out my list of “to-do’s".

  • Make a menu plan- is a fun and useful resource in this endevour
  • Create a new entry way table with the table top my aunt gave me and the table bottom my mother gave me.
  • Complete my aunt’s craft challenge (more on that later) to make something fun and interesting out of old metal picture frames.
  • Sew something
  • Water my flowers and watch them grow
  • wash all the kids’ bedding
  • Go crabbing!
  • Try all the beverage recipes I just found at
  • Of course, blog updates!

This isn’t a terribly long list and I certainly will not over-do it this week.  What’s on your list this week?  I would love for you to share your to-do ideas, and your blog address if you have one, in my comments section.  Thanks so much for stopping by, and stay tuned for more this week.

July 11 Crabbing with McCoy's 040

Rain storm moving in off the Puget Sound, at about 9:30pm, one evening last Summer.


Jen said...

I LOVE meals matter :)
I hope you have a great week {alone} and getting caught up on your list!!!

Alea said...

I am planning all of my projects for when my husband goes out of town. I am hoping to paint and rearrange the furniture in our bedroom before he gets back. I fugure I won't sleep well with him gone, so I might as well be productive. :) I hope you have a productive week.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to Meals Matter. I'll be looking into that more closely this week. I've got a get done before Winter list that I'm chipping away at. I reread it last night and realized I forgot to put some fun stuff on there too! lol