Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Announcing My Opensky Store

The blogosphere is so captivating.  I started my general, family blog July of 2007, in an effort to convince my kids they actually do have fun when we use Summer as a time to slow down and recharge.  The school year is so busy; I can hardly wait to do nothing over the Summer months.  My kids were feeling the need to be entertained.  By turning everyday activities into photo-ops and blog posts, the Summer didn’t seem so uneventful.


My children are older and have their own interests.  I am left to blog about other things.  Writing my posts and reading everyone else’s blogs has been hugely inspiring.  I have discovered some really amazing ideas, in every facet of homemaking, family life, and life in general.


My latest discovery is the Opensky Project.  This is a really simple concept.   Opensky connects suppliers with consumers through a personalized, simple shopping process.  Instead of randomly advertising companies or using a general “blog monetizer,”  I get to choose specific products and suppliers to promote and share on my blog.  Shopping becomes personalized with the convenience of internet availability.

Many times I have used an item or product and thought, “I need to tell everyone how great this product is!”  The individual shopping experience of Opensky makes this possible.  If I find a product that I know my readers will love, I will make it available through my opensky store.  My store opens on August 10th so come back and see what’s available.

As always, thanks for stopping by.  Beth.


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth - we're excited to have you as a part of the OpenSky family - welcome! Looking forward to checking out your shop when its up and running!

Brand Manager

Sherry said...

I will be checking back to see what your shop looks like.