Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Turning Teenagers Loose on the World

I just got home from taking my baby (age 16) to the airport so she can travel to Washington DC.  My husband, while patiently supporting this trip, was not at all crazy about it.  My daughter is excited for the opportunity to participate in the Young America’s Foundation Conference.  This conference is a great learning experience, and an ideal lesson in conservative leadership.  She is going to be leaving our home before too long and it helps me let her go, knowing she can handle herself.  The experience of traveling, by herself, and yet under the watch of fantastic, safe people will be good for her.

We arrived, boarding pass printed at home, about 90 minutes before her flight departed and the line for security was packed.  This was actually kind of misleading since it moved rather quickly and she was beyond the check-point in about 20 minutes.  By the time I was driving away from the airport, she was already boarding the plane.


She wasn’t that thrilled with me taking pictures with my phone, but I just had to have one for the blog.  I actually didn’t know I could text my picture to my email.  I also figured the quality wouldn’t be worth the effort, but I’m not all that unhappy.  If there aren’t any extra charges for texting to email, I think I’ll try this a little more often. 

Yes, I know I am so behind in my phone technology.  Actually, I was a blue-tooth wearing, blackberry user before the big craze.  It just seemed a little much, especially since I just have my kids do all the technical stuff now.  Who needs technology when they have staff (a.k.a. KIDs)?


Alyssa said...

So excited to see how her trip one.. she is quite the planner!

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh this is a tremendous experience for her--hope she loves it there...and hope the trip was fantastic!