Thursday, June 17, 2010

Getting Up Early

Today is my first real non-school day.  This is the first day I should not have to get up at 6am to take my child to band class.  The irony is he is done with band now because he is headed to Eastern Washington to help work at the camp ground where he will be going to camp in a few weeks.  (Cleaning and maintenance work in preparation for camp.)  Because he, and his brother and father, are headed out this morning, I got up to make breakfast.  Because my husband didn’t hear me say “7am,” I woke up at 5am, with his alarm.  He went back to sleep because he has that special power.  I have a hard time falling back asleep.

The town they are headed to is Mazama, WA.  It’s a little town outside of Winthrop, in the Methow Valley.  My husband and kids have been there but I never have.  Some day, I think.   The pictures of the area look beautiful.

An update on yesterday’s entry, here’s the video of ZA005 (787 Plane #5) taking off from Paine Field.  I posted a couple of photos but video is much better.  Flight Blogger does a very good job of staying on top of what’s going on at Boeing and all things 787.  Now everyone’s starting to stir so I better get breakfast on the table.

ZA005 First Flight from Liz Matzelle on Vimeo.

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