Saturday, April 10, 2010

Joining a Garden Club for Inspiration

Our church has a garden club for ladies that like to work in their yard.  Fortunately, they also include those of us that don’t even go out to their yard, but would like to learn.  I joined the group to gain knowledge and hopefully some inspiration.  Ok, really, I joined because the first meeting started at the Maltby Cafe.

Maltby has built a reputation as the place for Saturday breakfast.  The portion sizes are enough for two, but great for taking left-overs.  The food is fresh and flavorful, and they have giant cinnamon rolls the size of a dinner plate.  If cinnamon rolls aren’t your thing but you love a bit of sweet something, their berry french toast is incredible.  When I can afford the calories, I get this.  I hear people rave about lunch at Maltby, too, but we’re never around for lunch so we have yet to try it.

When we were all fed and coffee’d up, we took advantage of the natural  disease and bug management class at Wight’s Home and Garden store.  There is so much to know to treat and feed your yard, and everything in it!  More to the point, in most cases, not feed, as pest control seems to come down to starving the creature feeding on your plants.  God has been so amazing in giving us great resources to protect and feed our plants while not making our environment dangerous in which to live.

yard improvements 001

Coincidentally this week, a local company, Big Tree’s, was able to take the rhododendrons out of our yard.  With the removal of these behemoths, our lawn will be extended to the property line.  After learning about killing moss and growing a healthy lawn, I was tempted to tackle this huge job.  We meandered through the nursery and talked over all we learned.  My eyes were wide with inspiration.

Planter Box

Fortunately, my sanity got the better of me and I decided to take on the project I knew I could handle.  I sought the advice of a wise gardener and proceeded to purchase five plants for the brick planter box outside my front door.

Home Gardening 028 

The plants I purchased are creeping flox, autumn sedge, dolce, and Magic Carpet spirea.  I completely misjudged the space of this planter.  I envisioned the plants tighter for the “thrill, spill and fill” recommended planter effect.  Never fear- more plants can, and will be added.  For now, I feel accomplished, and it still freezing cold out.


Nancy said...

That's great that you are getting into your yard. I need to be doing that soon as well. If you don't get to adding the plants to your brick planter, I am sure the plants you put in there will be inching their way to the edges soon after the weather warms up. It looks like we will be having a warmer week next week. Wahoo!

Alyssa said...

Beth, your planter looks great! Maybe we can tackle our yards together around the same time for moral support because I have a lot of moss!

Sherry said...

Beth, I like the way your planter looks. I haven't done much to my yard yet. I bought a few natural products that should help with things but have yet to use them. I enjoy reading your blog. Have a great week.