Monday, April 12, 2010

Always Something Better to Do

Don’t you get so frustrated when your elected officials devise and debate a monolithic government healthcare scheme when they should be shoring up our national economy, or protecting our national security?  Most of life seems to be people finding something else to do.

Throughout my childhood, every time we had people coming for dinner, my mom would need my dad to set up the extra tables and chairs, yet he seemed to need to wash the car, or some other task, outside, right at that moment.  I must have inherited my dad’s gene for doing-something-else.  Today was just that kind of day.

While I should be getting the house ready for people coming this week, I opted to work in the yard.  I really don’t like working in the yard but the Big Tree people came again today to take the rest of the rhodies.  This inspired me to feed the roses,

2010 spring rose    feed the lilac, 2010 spring lilac





and prune the raspberries.  2010 spring raspberries

Spring gardening leaves a little to be desired since there is still so much waiting to do.  I am very grateful to have a very small list of jobs on my gardening list so I can get a few things done before the growing starts.  Hopefully I am doing the right things to help these plants grow!  My next task will be to get my strawberries started sarah pineapple 001   … at least I think I remember seeing something about starting strawberries now.  Oh, there is so much to know about gardening!

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