Friday, October 3, 2008

Post Travel Stress update

Ok, we have been home for over two weeks now and I am just now getting an update done. The truth is, we came home earlier than expected. Turns out, roadtrips and teenagers are hard! We had a great time and enjoyed all God had to show us.

It has literally taken me two weeks to recover from all the planning and moving about the country. The weather took a lot of energy to keep up with- cold, warm, wet, freezing, hot- sometimes all in one day! We stayed in a lot of hotels and we probably will never camp again. The funny thing about that is, we can see the practical side of owning a travel trailer. Do I see a motorhome in our future?

We are so glad to be home and are now enduring the Boeing strike. It has been fine so far but there is no movement in talks with the company. We are trying to keep busy taking care of the house and kids, while not spending any unnecessary money. Unbeknownst to some, we do have enough money to pay our mortgage, we won't be defaulting on any loans, and we aren't looking for government mandated health care. It's amazing how little we actually need each day, and how little money we really do "need" to spend.

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Your Husband said...

No motorhomes!