Monday, September 8, 2008

Do I know my family or What?

We have had a great couple of days! Yesterday, we spent floating down the Snake River. The first 8 miles was a slow, scenic float. We stopped at a very modern, cement boat launch to let a few people off. We loaded back into the boats, but this time, they handed us paddles. All five of us, plus some other passengers, had to help paddle the next eight miles.

These eight miles were fast-paced, white water rapids. We weren't that eager to get wet but the staff back at the office convinced us we would get wet so we should use their wet suits. We agreed, and now we were very happy about that decision. There was even one point when the guide let the kids get in the water. I think they would have actually played in the river if they understood they could let go of the boat.

We did get some pictures of this great time but they are the kind you buy from a company so we don't have them online- yet. We also bought a waterproff camera and took a few of our own pic's but we have to find a Walmart to get them developed- no Costco's around here!

Today, we did a 2 hour trail ride on horses. We got the meeting time mixed up so we almost missed out, but we found the guides and they were happy to take us even though we were so late. It was a great time and all the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves- especially Sarah, who got to use all that great knowledge her aunt has been able to pass on to her.

Since we got home from the trail ride, we have been able to really relax and enjoy our condo. This has been so good for the kids, and for Pete. One thing about vacations is sometimes you get moving too much and you don't really relax. Booking this condo worked out really well for our mental well-being so now we can hit the road early tomorrow for Yellowstone!

Since we aren't camping in the park, we decided West Yellowstone is the best location to head out to Reno on Friday.

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