Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Road to Casper

Caves and trail rutts- Today we started at the Jewel Cave National Park. This is a 140-some odd mile system of caves that someone had the bright idea to turn into a tourist attraction, at tax-payer expense. I'm not saying it's not cool and great to see, it's just, who comes up with all this "let's make it into a national park!" thoughts? This state is so full of national parks, the next time anyone complains about over spending on defense, they should look at the national parks budget. The other annoying part about these caves is the constant discussion about preserving everything in it's perfect condition. I won't go on, but you can imagine how these discussion went. So we enjoyed our 20 minute jaut into the really big cavern, which you access by a very modern elevator- thank goodness! You should check this place out some time, if you get the chance. Hey, you paid for it! Oh, and if you buy the big $80 park pass, you don't even have to pay the $4 to access the big cavern. ($8 if you go for the longer tour)
Also on our journey to Casper, we stopped at the Oregon Trail Rutts. This is a big rutt in the ground that has been preserved so you can see the hardhsip involved in taking wagon trains across this very muddy, clay-like ground. It was a good walk and quite beautiful. (too many bugs, though- yet another reason to be glad we don't travel by wagon any more.)

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