Friday, September 5, 2008

South Dakota Adventures

Not quite the exotic animals we planned to view along the Peter Norbec Scenic Highway, but Sarah loved the mules the best of all the animals we have seen so far.

While rainy weather has kicked us out of the camp ground, it has brought out the animals in full force. I suppose the animals are always roaming about around here, but we have been thoroughly surprised at the shear numbers of animals within easy viewing of the roadways. This is a picture of a herd of mules roaming about and blocking the roadway. We had to stop the car for a bit while they checked us out. I think they get fed this way often as they had no problem probing us through the windows.

We are staying at a great Holiday Inn Express in Hill City, near Mt Rushmore. Camping at Sylvan Lake just didn't work out so well. We are headed to Casper, Wy, with some stops along the way. After Casper, we will continue on to Jackson Hole.

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