Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday Home Spa Day

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As I write this, I am marinating in coconut oil.  The house is quiet and I don’t have to go anywhere this morning.  This is the perfect opportunity to spend a little extra TLC on myself.

Coconut oil is great for the hair and scalp.  Among other properties, coconut oil contains lauric acid which is an antimicrobial.  It is an effective moisturizer because of it’s high moisture retention ability, without all the chemicals or carrier products.  It’s just simple.

I mixed up some sugar, coconut oil and lime juice for an all over body scrub.  I got the recipe from Amy at New Nostalgia blog.  She also gives her instructions for a thorough, perfectly smooth shave.

Now to deal with my nail situation…

Just before wedding day, a few of us ladies met for mani-pedis.

Moving day and pedicure pics 014

It’s been a few weeks now and I need to get these nails off.  I’ve never had gel nails before.  It was not my intention but I broke several nails so it seemed the best solution.  The manicurist tried to convince me to square the tops but I am rather partial to the rounded look.  I kind of thought they would get brittle and fall off, or something.  Surely I won’t have to go to the salon to have them removed.  I just don’t have the interest in paying the money.

Moving day and pedicure pics 015

Now, paying for a pedicure is something I don’t mind.  Beth Tags: ,,,

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Sherry said...

You look great even while marinating. I love times when the house is quiet and there is nothing pressing to get done.