Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Anti Procrastination Tuesday Wedding Day Arrived


So glad to be here for Anti-Procrastination Tuesday.  It is a pleasure to read everyone’s posts.

Some of you may already know the reason for my absence has been my daughter’s wedding.  Working full-time and homeschooling while planning and creating for my daughter’s big day meant something had to give.  That was computer/home office time.


Wedding Day crafting 053

The wedding turned out spectacularly.  I can say that now because I have had a week, no, almost two weeks to sleep it off.




That’s me, in green dress.  If you read a previous post about these big fluff balls, you know about all the work to make them.  My mom ended up making around 20, and they really turned out fabulous.  We didn’t need to decorate this place too much but a few spots were in order.  These pom lanterns, as I call them, are a nice balance to the beams and empty space.

Since it took us a good six months to prepare for this event, I am going to dissect our accomplishment into several posts.  I hope you will return to read more.  Stay tuned.

I also am in a rush to head out for work this morning…  Beth

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Rachelle @ Adventures in Creating said...

Looks like a beautiful venue! Can't wait to hear about how you prepared for it! Love the paper balls BTW!