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Wedding Day Crafting


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Life is just flying by these days.  I wish I had more hours in a day so I wouldn’t have to put off posting to my blog so much.  Well after a weekend of Wedding Day crafting, I just had to share what we created.

Wedding Day crafting 055

My daughter found this fun project on Pinterest, of course.  If you haven’t discovered Pinterest, check it out!  We used to make these string balls, but with yarn and other light-weight string, when we were kids.  I remembered the basic concept.  I also remember the ball collapsing into itself when the balloon was popped.  I looked around the internet and found a tutorial on Tip Junkie.

tip junkie




Wedding Day crafting 054

This is about half of what we need to decorate the tables at the wedding reception.  There will be a candle in the middle.  You have to wait at least two days for the string to harden.  This picture was taken on day one.  They don’t stick to each other but they were still too soft to pop the balloons.

Wedding Day crafting 052

The next project was much more labor intensive.  This was another Pinterest find.  The project my daughter found was for this little, fist-sized lantern, covered in chiffon poms.

flower pom

Unfortunately, my daughter had much bigger lanterns in mind.

Wedding Day crafting 050

We didn’t have enough glue or fabric so we had to make a rather expensive trip to the fabric store.  I’m still not sure we got enough fabric but we’ve got about 80 days to get these done.

Wedding Day crafting 048

We did accomplish one more task this weekend.  My daughter bought 20, of varying size, of these lanterns.  None of them are the small size in the Pinterest pin.

Wedding Day crafting 057

These are cheer sticks.  At the end of the ceremony, everyone will hold up there cheer stick and wave it so the bell will ring.  It’s a small touch, but quite delightful.

Thanks so much for stopping by today.  I’m looking very forward to checking out all the great DIY posts.  Beth Tags: ,,,

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Sherry said...

I am home this morning and was delighted to see that you had posted about your crafting. Such fun things you are working on. Have a wonderful and not too crazy week.