Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow Days

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Well I have been a bit distracted.  The Puget Sound area has been hit by a rather aggressive snow storm.  We weren’t expecting much, but by Wednesday, we realized the weather report was not going to go according to plan.

Tuesday, January 17th

There was nothing pressing at work on Tuesday, so I took a snow day.  I expected the snow would be limited on Wednesday and I would work a long day to make up the time.

Work on Wednesday

The drive into work was quite revealing.  We don’t have regular TV so my only clue to Seattle area traffic was radio reports and traffic cameras.  They can only tell so much, and I did not expect there to be so much snow in Seattle.  Fortunately, most people stayed home.


Unfortunately, I overstayed my welcome, attempting to get as much done as possible.  I had to drive home in freezing rain.  There were a few spin-outs.  Two transformer explosions could be seen lighting up the dark sky.  My windshield wipers were sticking to the windshield as the temperatures dropped, and a huge tree limb, heavy with snow, crashed down on the highway next to me.

Wedding Brooches and Jan Snow 004

Wedding Brooches and Jan Snow 003

Wedding Brooches and Jan Snow 002

My husband gets home from work around 6:30am and when I asked him how is drive was, he said it was “fine, but you’re not going out there.”  I assured him I would be fine and needed to go to work at some point, regardless of the conditions.  He must have been praying because my boss called and said it was too bad out to go to work.  We all got a snow day!

Wedding Brooches and Jan Snow 008

The temperatures stayed around 23 degrees and it snowed all day.  Eventually, not even the dog would venture out.

All in all, we’ve had it really easy.  We are warm, and we have electricity and internet.  A lot of our friends and family are not so fortunate.  When the rain finally comes, it’s going to be a mess around here.  Just the same, we are grateful for our very mild, northwest winters. Tags: ,,,,,

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