Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Anti-Procrastination Tuesday Snow Day

Nothing makes me procrastinate more than a snow day.  We have waited all winter for a decent snow day- the kind that makes it absolutely impossible to go anywhere.  It snowed a little on Saturday, and it is snowing a little more now.  My area does not have enough snow to keep us home.


The snow on the suburban is just what accumulated from the time my husband got home- about an hour of snowing.

I should have had this post done yesterday, in time to link up to New Nostalgia for Anti-Procrastination Tuesday.


The activities I am hoping to get done today are call my hairdresser to make an appointment, work on my One Notebook of my daughter’s wedding, and otherwise get ready to make wedding invitations.  Working on wedding stuff is so much more interesting than ironing today.

Wedding One Note

We are within the critical six month period before the wedding so there is a lot to plan, organize, order, and create.  Daughter and I ventured into the snow yesterday to pick up a dress she found for the rehearsal dinner.  Oh, is it cute, and we got it for $20.  Sorry, the picture on the Macy’s website is no longer active.

While we were out, I opted to take advantage of the Michael’s coupons and get supplies for making the wedding invitations.  I was able to get a beautiful selection of paper from Paper Zone, before they announced their store closing.  (sad)  All that I really needed was the tape.


There are a lot of options for tape these days.  I bought a selection so we can work with them and see what works best.  My daughter and my friend have designed the invitations and we want to insure they are held together securely.  I’m excited to see how the finished product comes out.


I also insisted we purchase some inspiration items.  My daughter’s wedding theme is vintage country.  It’s an evolving concept.  She has changed her colors from a bright, sherbet selection to elegant peacock colors.  There are a lot of twists along the way and one is, instead of corsages, of which neither of us are fans, we are making brooches for the “moms.”  Moms is loosely defined for our purposes as it includes aunts.

Daughter already made one but I can’t find it to take a picture to share with you.  It’s probably just as well since I imagine she will want to keep them a little secretive.  It turned out so pretty, and it was easy.  It’s so hard to decide whether to buy stuff or make our own.  There are pluses and minuses to both options.

Save the Date card

One more accomplishment on the wedding to-do list is getting the save the date cards ordered.  That was a lot more confusing and expensive than I imagined.  I will save the tediousness but there are a lot of printing companies, with a wide range of options, and costs.  The frustrating part is after I got them ordered, I got an email for “free- 100 postcards from Vista print.”  Really could have used that…

Daughter did not want me to design the cards but I think I did a great job.  She agreed, eventually.  Besides, she really designed it; I just did the technical stuff.

Colin sleeping book

Believe it or not, I have other children.  In the midst of all this wedding planning, my two sons have celebrated birthdays.  My youngest was last week.  He turned 14.  Instead of blogging and reading blogs, I spent all my time putting together a photo album of him.  Another printing decision- which photo album company do I choose?  I’m waiting for a coupon.  The picture snipit is my picaboo design.  I really love picaboo, and I’m thinking they are my best option.

Today is my oldest son’s birthday.  He is 16.  No driver’s license yet.  He’s working on it.  Instead, I got him two cases of his own label Jone’s Soda.  I love it when kids are so easily entertained.  He is so happy!



The artwork on the label is a picture Connor drew, and he couldn’t have been happier with my selection.

My Good Life

So I’ve rambled on now.  It’s still snowing but I guess I better see if I need to go to work any way.  Hoping I get to spend the day reading everyone’s blogs, and getting my ironing done.

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MarieElizabeth said...

We're still waiting for a real snow too. Although, a little more of this warm weather and I could be convinced to skip winter altogether! In your tape selection, the one with the red backing is usually REALLY sticky and used to make boxes and things out of cardstock. It can be used to fix a pants hem in a pinch too. Can't wait to see your creations.