Monday, April 4, 2011

Anti Procrastination Tuesday Two Things Off My List

Another crazy week, getting adjusted to working away from home.  Being mom is priority but it is really fun to be able to do something different now.  Of course I can say this because our family doesn’t rely on my income to keep the home functioning.  If this wasn’t a job I thoroughly enjoy, I would pinch pennies endlessly to stay home and be mom.

I am very grateful and appreciative of my husband who works so hard so I don’t have to.  I also appreciate that he is happy for me to work because I want to.

crazy header

So while I have not been posting to my blog, I have been reading as many blog posts as I have had time.  I don’t always get to comment but my thoughts are with you all!  I came across the latest Crazy Domestic post and am sad to see there will not be any more posts.  It is for good reason and I am happy for both ladies that contribute to this blog.   Megan and Stephanie are both having babies so they need to trim some activities to get ready for the changes.  The blog will remain available to read past posts, which I encourage you to do as this has been a very fun and informative blog to me.  Congratulations, Megan and Stephanie.


Anti-Procrastination Tuesday is upon us, and I am feeling some procrastination coming on.  Kind of ironic, too- I just read a blurb from the Woman’s World magazine (you know, that really thin one at the grocery check-out) about how procrastination can be a good thing.  Huh?

womans world

It said if you are a procrastinator, it’s because you are “fostering your creativity.”  Is that what we’re doing?  It continues to say “procrastination actually helps push your best ideas to the fore.”  Ok, let’s see if not getting my ironing done, or the ten other things I am not doing results in something useful!

I did manage to get two kind of important things off my to-do list.  I got my passport and I called Amazon to have my Kindle replaced.  Neither of these items took very long or required much ingenuity.  Finding information seemed to be my stumbling block.

kindle 001

My Kindle developed a hairline fracture in the lower left corner of the casing/face- not the screen part, is what I’m trying to describe.  I wasn’t sure if my warranty was still good so I researched the issue to see if this was a problem for other Kindle owners.  It turned out some other people have had this problem.  Aside from learning this, I discovered that Amazon goes above and beyond to take care of any problems you may have with your Kindle.  I found the customer service number easily and gave them a call.  Actually, they have an interesting service where you enter your number and they call you.  I love this!  No sitting on hold.  How ingenious!  The whole call lasted about five minutes.  Two days later, I had a new Kindle.


Now as for the passport…  Actually, this process is not too bad.  I really appreciate being able to enter all the information in a fill-in form that I print at home.  What a time saver, and it looks so neat and tidy.  The only negative was the finding where to submit my application.  The State Department website has two separate links- one for Passport Agency and one for Acceptance Facility.  Somehow I didn’t realize they were both live links so I only read about the Passport Agency and thought I had to go to a federal office.  This was the cause of my procrastination.  Luckily, I listened to everyone else and went where they told me to go.  Surprisingly, the US Post Office branch I chose was easy.  In fact, I was surprised how slow business was and how quickly I got everything done.  Oh, it is Spring Break!  No wonder there was no traffic today.

Well I guess I better get that laundry folded before I change my mind, or fall asleep, or both.



Hansen's 6 said...

Passports? Where are you going? Can you stick me in your trunk so I can get away? I promise to be quiet!

Beth said...

Climb on in! No, really, I'm not going anywhere but I need to be prepared in case I need to go somewhere. It's the business I'm in now. You never know what you might need to do when you work at the airport. Besides the government could "shut down" at any moment. LOL!

Marianne said...

Procrastination makes you more creative? Well I do get very creative in all the ways I come up with things to avoid doing what I should be doing. Me being confused now. Too tired to think. My 6 year old peed in bed and had a bad dream and woke me up at 4:30am and since my alarm goes off at 5 I got up. So now everyone else is sleeping and I am going through my bloglist.

Sherry said...

Passports are something we have been procrastinating about and I want to have them just in case we want to travel somewhere. I used to like to travel to Victoria or Vancouver once in a while. I know you can get something at DMV but passports would cover any trip that came up. I enjoyed your post. Have a great week.

Patti Hanan said...

It is a great feeling to be able to check things off a to-do list. Congratulations, Beth. With your new passport, maybe you will get to go some place fun! Can I come along?

Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

Hi Beth, one thing I've been procrastinating with is cleaning my craft room....Oh if I could just make the mess go away I'd be happy.

I took pictures of our library, I thought you might like to see, come on over for a visit.