Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Anti Procrastination A Few Minutes Before Work

I’m linking, as always, to Amy at New Nostalgia for Anti-Procrastination Tuesday.  Her weekly blog party has been one of the best encouragements for me to keep getting things done.

Birthday Party in a Bag 001[3]
Now, I can’t get on with my post until I announce my first blog Give-Away.  I was a little nervous about doing a give-away because I didn’t have a huge item to give.  The purpose of my give-away was in celebration of my 40th birthday and I wanted to include my blog readers as a way to say thanks for being a part of my day.

I did a random drawing of all the entries and Donnie at New Blessing Everyday.  Her blog is so encouraging and inspiring.  Take a look!

anti procrastination blog post 003  I procrastinated getting out of bed today and waited until after 8:30am, just before I had to take my son to band class!

anti procrastination blog post 006  Getting out of bed was not even as hard as getting out of my warm, comfy robe.  Some times getting dressed for the day is just too hard.



anti procrastination blog post 005  Ironing a couple of items from my pile got my blood moving.

anti procrastination blog post 002  Now, fully functioning, I made left-over meatballs into Swedish Meatballs with noodles.  This is such a simple meal to make, I just couldn’t procrastinate any longer.  The hardest part was running to the grocery store to get some mushrooms.  I don’t have to use mushrooms but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted the yumminess of mushrooms in the sauce.

For the rest of the day, my anti-procrastination list includes PAPERWORK!!!  Last week, I accomplished a pile of filing.  This week, I need to make and send out customer invoices, as well as scan and email documents to various individuals.  All this great technology that makes my job easier also makes it easier to put off simple tasks.



katrina said...

Beth~ i NEED your recipe! please :) that looks SO good. Love these posts, always makes me feel like doing things around the house! hope you are having a great week! I loved your pictures of the garden show...very cool how you put them together!

Marianne said...

Mmm, Swedish meatballs. I don't make them myself, but I love to drive down to IKEA in Renton for some every once in a while.
Even my kids like the trip down there.
Way to go on getting your paperwork accomplished.
I jumped out of bed myself this morning with all good intentions on getting some stuff of my procrastinated list. Well that didn't happen as my kids decided to wake up early too from peeing in bed and having nightmares. Ugh, now I have to get my daughter to do her homework as quietly as possible so that I can write my blogpost since I procrastinated and didn't do it yesterday.... :s

Donnie said...

Thank you so much Beth for drawing my name for the Birthday in a Bag. It's your Birthday & I get a present. Yay! Those meatballs look good and probably better with mushrooms. I haven't ironed in years but I'm retired...lol...

My email is ki4ggs(at)gmail(dot)com please email me and I'll send my address. Thanks again.

LambAround said...

Ahhhh, procrastination! I have a long list of errands to run, which I really should have started on Friday, but instead I'm here blogging in my pajamas. Embrace the laziness :)