Saturday, February 5, 2011

Spice Rack Change

I’m tired of our counter top spice rack.

old spice rack

My husband liked this and when he was in charge of the cooking, it seemed reasonable for him to have it.  It’s mostly useful but obviously has a generic selection of spices.  Our cabinet holds  a lazy susan full  of random spices.

I’m tired of the dirt this rack collects, and the space it takes up.  I’ve been considering options.

new spice containers 003

new spice containers 001

Simplification is the goal.  These containers, purchased for $.61 from Specialty Bottle, are food grade and give me the ability to only have on hand the spices I use.  I made quick labels with my PTouch label machine.  I know the Cricut and Sillouette users would have great fun with this project.  The tins are not magnetic but that is easily achieved with super magnets from the hardware store.  I paid $3.99 for 3 but I’m sure they can be found for less.  Funny how the magnets cost more than the tins!

These tins are so much fun, I will find other uses for them, too.  My husband isn’t really that keen on keeping spices in this manner.  He needs them to be “pourable.”  I get that, and want it to be easy for him, too.  I’ll keep working on this project.

For now, the spice rack is off my counter.  Well, at least my kitchen counter.

spice rack repurpose 001

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