Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Love It or Lose It Week 3


love it or lose it

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A few more items up for re-evaluation.

I really loved this shirt, the day I bought it.  It felt comfortable when I tried it on, and it seemed flattering in the dressing room mirror.

I can’t even tell you how much I don’t like this shirt any more.  The sleeves are monkey-arm length and the way it hangs makes me look pregnant.  I assure you pregnant ape is not the look I am going for these days.

I may have worn it twice in as many years.  It really was just making my closet more colorful.  This shirt was actually in the to-go bag before I started this challenge.

Lose IT!

blog photos and second snow 084

Here’s another funny purchase.  I really love the color and pattern of this blouse.  I bought it but didn’t try it on and figured my daughter would give her blessing, or not.  Then I would return it, if need be.  It has been in my closet, waiting approval, for at least six months.  For this challenge, I wore it to church a couple of weeks ago.  Daughter liked it, surprisingly, but I am very unhappy with the boofy-bottom edge.  She said I should keep it so I am cutting off the bottom to make it more to my liking.

Funny part-  When I took it off, I realized I had worn it to church with the tag on.

love it or lose it 010

Love it, so far.

I found this skirt, hiding in a pile of mending.  I really like the idea of this skirt but, once again, daughter says length is the issue.  She won’t let me go out of the house if my skirt is too long!

love it or lose it 004


love it or lose it 003

This is a simple fix.  I am cutting several inches off the top and redoing the elastic binding.

Love it!love it or lose it 007

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