Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011

I have spent the first day of the new year enjoying everyone’s bwinter treelogs.  There is so much creativity and enthusiasm for daily living, I am thoroughly inspired.  Being able to connect with so many people at the click of the mouse is a huge blessing.  I will be enjoying each and every blog I visit as the year progresses. 

My inspiration has forced me to learn a little more blog code (css, or cascade style sheets).  I also played around with GIMP a bit over the last couple of days to create some background images.  The main wrapper of my blog is of our latest snow fall, thankfully nothing like the rest of the country- yikes!  The post/text background, the darker grey area, is an image I created.  This is what I like most about the blogging process, I think, because I like creating new images with digital photos.

dark cloth tile

Hopefully my blog is visually appealing to more than just me.  I will probably change it again before too long.

Another blog inspired me to get rid of unused clothes.


There was a challenge posted but the blog says the page is gone.  Maybe she’s doing the challenge, maybe not.  Check out her blog next week, if you’re interested.

I do this fairly regularly but I knew I could find a few more items.  After finding a couple of sweaters, I stumbled across a blog that inspired me to alter the sweaters to make new items.   madeitonmonday Just what I like to do.  Hopefully you will see more on that topic.


I love all the blogs about the year in review.  My 2010 is a blur, although a good blur.  It went way too fast but it is good to get on to the next phase.  The Christmas holiday time has been very enjoyable.  My husband and I will both be getting back to work tomorrow, and to the regular (??) school schedule as the week progresses.  We are savouring our final hours at home, enjoying the beautiful day.  It is rather cold though so we are enjoying it from the inside. (outdoor temp- 34 degrees)

cold new year's day 002  cold new year's day 005

Happy Blogging in the New Year.  Beth Tags: ,,,


Marianne said...

The last snowfall was kind of local I must say. I had to take the kids to Alderwood Mall just to see a little bit of snow because where we live there was none. So strange with these convergence sones.
Happy new year Beth.

Sherry said...

Beth I love what you have done with your blog. I am a little challenged when it comes to this type of creativity. It sounds like you have been spending the first of the year inside like we have. Back to work tomorrow. You are a blessing to me.