Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Anti-Procrastination Tuesday Up and Moving

I so want to be in bed right now.  I had the intention of sleeping in, and by all means, 7am would be a late wake-up, if I hadn’t gone to bed after 1am.  Alas, I am getting hubby and son off to the dentist so I am up.


This is good though since I read Amy’s blog, New Nostalgia, and the anti-procrastination update.  I love Anti-procrastination Tuesday for the encouragement to get my projects done!

food 014

If you’ve read my earlier posts, you’ll see I am very busy with food preserving.  Not the typical, methodical food preserving familiar to the end of Summer, but random, too-much-bought, not-using-it-fast-enough-but-don’t-want-to-waste-it food preserving.  This is the cilantro I chopped up and froze.  The “cubes” are stored in a freezer bag.

apples and bread 002

I bring home all the left-over apples from work so today I will be peeling and chopping them.  Some I will sugar and spice so they are pie ready; straight from the freezer.  The rest I am going to vacuum pack.  When we want applesauce, we just make it then instead of making a bunch and canning, or however other people do it.

apples and bread 004

My sister is involved with a gleaner group and she left this bread with me.  It is pretty hard now so I made a dish of bread pudding (as I was kissing my husband goodbye- it’s just that easy).  The best bread puddings, French toast and anything egg-soaked are best when the bread is stale.

apples and bread 006

The last time I made applesauce, I used a crockpot recipe.  It ended up a bit over-blended, more like apple butter.  No one likes the texture so I am using the sauce in recipes.  I added it to this bread pudding, just to see how it tastes.

apples and bread 003

My last food project today is to squeeze all these lemons so I can make lemon sorbet.  Supposedly I get two tablespoons of juice for each lemon.  I need to make sorbet for 22 so we’ll see if this works out.

No time for procrastinating now.  Have a great day getting all your stuff done, too.  Beth


Sherry said...

I read your post about anti-procrastination day and realize that I have been procrastinating since I entered the front door after work. Reading blogs is fun though. Great job preserving all of that food. I am inspired to see if I can finish the little Christmas mice I started last year. Merry Christmas!

Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

those apples sure look good. lemon sorbet sounds delicious too.

Happy Holidays, may you have a blessed one!

Diane said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! :) I really like the idea of food gifts... I'll have to remember that! And pomegranate jelly sounds delish! Do you have a recipe for it? I've never tried it before. :) Thanks for sharing!