Friday, November 12, 2010

A Sudden Change of Direction

I have been crazy busy for a few weeks.  When I started this adventure of blogging, it was a way to fill my days with creativity.  I figured I had the extra time since my business was very slow and I really wasn’t looking for any work.  My daughter got her license and I saw a way to stay at home more while she did the extra kid-driving.

Funny how life works.  One of my main customers found they needed a person to work on an almost-full-time basis.  I love the work I do, and I really enjoy working for this customer so I opted to take the work.

It has been a whole lot busier than I imagined.  Good busy, but very long days.

cleaning the office and other randomness 016

I love this part of the job.  My tasks within this job have been greatly expanded so now I get to clean the hangar floors.  I suppose this would be a little more drudgery if I didn’t have this very fun machine to drive.  I love it!  I want to clean the floor every week.

The work is not constant which is why I can do it.  My kids still need me at home some of the time.  Actually, part of my decision to work this much was to provide my oldest son an opportunity to take more responsibility around the house.  It’s a whole lot easier for kids to be in charge of their responsibilities when their mother isn’t around, watching everything they do.

ebay and blog photos 003
My daughter wrote this “how to do laundry” sheet for the boys.

Working outside of my home is not my primary interest, nor is it mandatory for our family, for which I am hugely grateful to my hard-working husband.  While the work is hard, the hours can be a bit long, I am so blessed to get to do what I do.  What do I do?  I clean airplanes.




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Marianne said...

That is so cool. How do you clean an airplane? I have actually worked as a housecleaner for most of my life, started out helping my mom at her job when I was 11 and that is 20 years ago. So far I have cleaned at a museum, doctors office, firestation, peoples homes and currently my mother in laws house. I like cleaning, but as I am a teacher by education I would rather do that, but till then clean is what I do.

Sherry said...

This is great Beth. You are showing another side of your creativity and contribution to helping others. I sure like your hangar floor cleaning machine. Thanks for sharing some more of you, your family and your days.

Beth said...

I have cleaned most of my life, too. My dad is an aviation mechanic and I grew up at the airport. Cleaning airplanes is very similar to cleaning RV's or very big vehicles, although a lot more nerve-wracking if they are very expensive airplanes. I am working on a post to tell more about what I do. STay tuned.