Monday, November 15, 2010

My Business is Cleaning Airplanes


I never considered whether I would work while raising kids.  Actually, I did work for a short time when the kids were little but I never had to as my husband has always taken his roll as provider very seriously.  I grew up at the airport, working with my aviation mechanic dad and I have always had a job, or two.  I started cleaning airplanes when I was in high school, for my dad.  After my last child was born, my dad needed someone to do some cleaning and I knew it would work out well for me to do it.


When my husband was laid-off just after 911, I was able to turn my hobby of cleaning airplanes into a business.  I developed a decent client list and worked enough to help keep our household running.  This worked well until my husband was working again and the kids needed me back at home.

God was gracious and abundant when I needed the clients and He was gracious when he took them away.  I prayed that I would only have as much work as was good for our family.  For the last couple of years, my business has been very slow.  My family life has been very busy.

Recently, since my daughter started driving, I have been less busy at home.  When one of my previous clients called with more work, I gratefully accepted.  I am thoroughly enjoying being at the airport daily and I love being able to help the entire department get on with their day.  When I come home to be mom again, my family misses me, for the most part.

Can you see Mt Rainier in the distance?  Look lower left.

Another benefit of my working more is my boys are forced to handle the house by themselves.  Their sister did her time and now the boys get theirs.  They know they are capable.  I know they are capable.  When I am home, it seems they are hindered by my watchful eye.  It’s better for them when I am not around. Tags: ,,,

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Marianne said...

That is so cool. I got into the cleaning business through my mom as I would either help her at work or step in for her in case of sickness or vacation.
Yesterday I was actually offered another cleaningjob for a client of my mother in law who is a personal chef. We'll see how it goes and if she agrees to my terms as a working stay at home mom.