Monday, September 13, 2010

On the Board Meal Plan Monday

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I’m trying to post this before I head out to take my boys to their first day of classes.  Getting back to a school routine was a big reason I had to get my menu planning routine organized.  I even wrote my list on the “big board” so my family is fully apprised of my weekly plan.

food and church kitchen 134

This board is my husband’s creation; a leftover from when he ran the kitchen.  It’s a pretty good idea but not quite my style of planning.  Still, I like to use it and the family seems to appreciate it.  The right side is a list of entres and sides.  A lot of the dinners I make are not on the list.

I’ve mentioned it before, but my other big help has been Meals Matter.  I have almost two week’s worth of dinner items in my personal online cookbook.  Going to that site and listing what I think we’ll have, seeing it in a calendar format, and being able to make a shopping list right from the list is very efficient from this site.  It took some time for me to figure out the best way for me to use this site but now it’s too easy not to use.

MY Cookbook at Meals Matter

Starting with today, my plan is

Monday: Tuna Casserole
Tuesday: Ham Quiche
Wednesday: Chicken Enchilada, and the chicken has already been cooked and ready to go!
Thursday: Leftovers, because the fridge will be full by then
Friday: Spicy Chicken and Mushrooms, a recipe from Real Simple Magazine, and I listed it in my cookbook
Saturday: French Onion Soup- the kids are kind of looking forward to this attempt
Sunday: Parmesan Chicken, super easy, hearty and delicious

I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else is cooking this week.  Seeing all the menus really helps me stay motivated to make my plan.  Have a really great day!  Beth. Tags: ,,,

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Donetta said...

love your big board. I have found so much use of mine too for many a year. That idea of the printed out entree and such is pretty cool girl!