Tuesday, September 14, 2010

No Anti-Procrastination Tuesday Kindle

While I am sad Amy at New Nostalgia is not feeling up to her weekly blog link party, Anti-Procrastination Tuesday, due to her recent health trials, I am slightly relieved.  I am really procrastinating on getting anything accomplished, except writing my long to-do list.

sarah cooking and spring gardening 006

Some of my “to-do’s” are:

  • prune my lilac
  • make a photo show and book for my Grandpa’s Ultra Royal birthday, 10/10/10,
  • wash my Halloween costume fabric
  • cut out said costume
  • tidy my dressing room (clothes everywhere!)
  • and generally vacuum and dust the house

I did manage to get a couple of things done- I switched out of my white purse into a brown one, and I scheduled a maintenance appointment for my minivan.  Does it count as a “to-done” when you don’t actually do the work?  Oh, and I am getting my blog post done.  You’re my witness.

Although I am attempting to get a few things done this morning, I have been a bit distracted.  My Kindle arrived yesterday and I am having too much fun learning all about it.

kindle 001

As if taking me on a wonderful boat trip to the San Juans wasn’t enough, my husband chose to purchase the new Kindle, at the lower price, as an anniversary gift.  He gave it to me, but it’s really for both of us.  He’s actually the more avid reader and I know he is anxious to get some time with it.

I am really enjoying the note feature, where I can highlight text and type notes to be stored on the device.   While my first book purchase was for David Limbaugh’s new book, Crimes Against Liberty, the book I am most excited to have total access to is The Bible.  I am adding several versions but right now I have an indexed and searchable edition of The King James version.

kindle 003

An electronic book reader will never take away my desire for print editions but it sure is fun to be able to have so many books in my purse, at one time.  I can add new books at any time via wi-fi connectivity, and many books are just a couple of dollars and even free.  There is still so much to learn about this amazing device.  For now, I think I will just enjoy my books.

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LDH said...

So nice stopping by and perusing many of your posts!

My youngest daughter just bought a wireless book reader. She is an avid reader. She is not sure if she will like it as much as handling a book but it does have advantages!

Kindly, ldh

Self Sagacity said...

So reading is what people use those Kindle for- besides other things I am sure. I have to agree, it is awesome to have a bunch of books in your purse like you never can before.

Beth said...

Most book readers are pretty dedicated to just reading, although they can access news papers and blogs as well. The people who have blogs have to make them kindle-readable. I'm thinking about doing that but you have to pay $1 each month, per blog, to get it on the kindle. Don't know that my blog is worth that yet. Some blogs are definately worth $1. I don't think there are any digital book readers that have complete internet browser capability aside from the ipad. Maybe though?