Friday, September 24, 2010

Empty Jars and Overloaded Cabinets

I went to put a bag of nuts away and I realized I have not done a very good job keeping my shelves very tidy.  Some time ago, I attempted to embrace the Tupperware lifestyle but I never truly conceptualized what I use and which containers suited my needs.  I’m very happy with the few containers I have purchased, but I wasn’t ready to commit to finishing my storage with all Tupperware.

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I also have a somewhat problematic OCD addiction to saving food jars, particularly from Trader Joe’s foods because of the interesting shapes.  I have recently developed a routine of cleaning the labels off and stacking them in a basket in my laundry room.  I started this because old labels look terrible and the basket helps me keep my addiction under control.  If it doesn’t fit in the basket, I throw it away.  Maybe there’s hope for me yet!

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I have found so many uses though for these jars.  Come Christmas, when I give food gifts, I love to have interesting jars for my gifts.  In the past, I just bought them from dollar stores but since I have discovered how simple removing the label is, I try to use more interesting, recycled jars.  Of course I also use my food jars for storing and displaying items in my office.

Today, I decided to take most of what was in my cabinet and match it up to the empty jars in my basket.  I came out pretty well with only one bag of pecans that didn’t completely fit in one jar.  I buy most of my nuts from Costco because I use them up pretty quickly.

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My husband will be cooking more over the next few months so I know he will appreciate this organization.  I labeled the jars with a paint pen.  I’m not totally sure but I think this will come off with finger nail polish remover or another household solvent.  We’ll see!  If not, oh well.

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Overall, I had three containers of flour-type substance that were unlabeled, three bags of marsh mellows, a jar of coconut oil that was unseen and unused (sad!) and three containers of brown sugar.  Of course I discarded the flour stuff.  Two bags of marsh mellows were petrified.  I consolidated the brown sugar into a Tupperware suited for the 2lb bag I usually buy from Costco, and of course I put that jar of coconut oil in the front where I can get to it.


Amy at New Nostalgia is my inspiration for getting my cabinets organized.  I don’t know if that picture on her blog is her kitchen but it really makes me strive to keep my kitchen in better order.  My jars may not all match but I am enjoying the look just the same.  Beth.


Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

good for you getting it all done. I too save jars for use later for food gifts. I love pretty jars, I just can't throw them away.

Oh goodness, it makes me think of my own cabinets and pantry....I have to do a lot of cleaning this weekend. Not looking forward to it.

Sherrie said...

Hi there thanks for stopping by my blog. I have to tell you that what you are doing is perfect. No you don't need tupperware. More plastic for the landfills. Good for you re-using glass jars. I do it all the time. They actually work better because it doesn't stain or keep odors like plastic. So you are being good for the environment. Speaking of which, I have to clean out my closet.

Beth said...

Some of the tupperware I pulled out was kind of smelly and sticky, too. Now if more food came in big square jars, wouldn't that be fun? I see I have caused an issue, making people think about cleaning out their cabinets. It's a never ending process.

Atticmag said...

I salute you Beth for getting it organized. I was forced to do it last year when we renovated because they were painting everything. I am embarrassed to say how old some of the stuff was in those cabinets!

I really like recycling the jars as well. Your labeling is terrific. Need to think about a paint pen. Thanks for stopping by my blog -- sorry I'm late in replying.

Jane F.

Bonnie said...

I am always looking and observing organizational tips. It is so hard to keep my pantry organized much less closets. Thank you for your inspiration and ideas. I like glass also and think it is healthier. Plastics crack, yellow and get sticky with age.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Look forward to following your blog.