Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Shoes, Water proof and Slip Resistant

I watched one of those clean house shoes this weekend, and the organizer was letting the lady keep thirty pairs of shoes.  She was devastated.  It was quite a reduction from her overloaded closet.  I was thinking how I’m glad it was thirty pairs because that is close to what I have so I don’t have a problem.

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Many of you have seen my post about my shoes and commented I really don’t have too many.  Besides, “can you have too many shoes?”  Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement.

Today, I get to tell you about my favorite way to buy shoes.  Zappos.  Instead of heading out for a marathon day of shoe shopping, I go to

this website, search within my desired style of shoes and with a couple of clicks, I have shoes sent directly to my home.  There is no worry about not liking them or getting the wrong fit.  Along with extremely detailed information, other purchasers take the time to meticulously review their purchases.  Once I get my shoe,  usually in two days or less, and I end up not wanting it for any reason, I repack the box, print a return shipping label and return it for free.

Aside from a few impulse purchases, like my last one I blogged about, this is how I buy my shoes.  My feet are so much happier.

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Today’s purchase is all about function, with only a little style.  I chose three pairs- Teva’s, Merrill, and a new brand for me, Keen.  I have to wear these shoes on cement floors, in water.  They need to resist as much water as possible while being slip-resistant.  My feet need maximum comfort and they can’t be ugly- to me, or to anyone I work around.

 pete's beef brisket, queen elizabeth dress and shoes 046

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Maybe if my budget would allow some discretionary spending, I would choose two of these three.  Since it doesn’t, I have to choose the ones that best suit my needs.  While I really like the comfort and flexibility of the Teva’s (top photo), the Keen pair are awesome.  They are strong, durable leather, easy to slide into and have an incredible arch support.  They are also support cushiony and comfy.  The middle pair, Merrill, are supper comfy and have good arch support.  They are not as good looking as the Keen or the Teva, and I prefer leather over the suede.  Back to Zappos they go. Tags: ,,,

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