Saturday, July 17, 2010

Blog Parties

My last post was too long ago (Saturday, July 10).  My intention is to be consistent but then life happens.  Of course I have been equally distracted by all the Blog Parties.  Several of my previous posts have been linked to those blog parties, such as Tablescape Thursday, Outdoor Wednesday, and Saturday Showcase.

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Blog parties are a way for us to come together, online.  The posts are centered on a theme although the variations, rules and procedures vary from blog to blog.  I also like to participate in these blog parties because I get very inspired by all the other bloggers.

Every time I visit a blog, I learn about a different blog party.  The more blog parties I check out, the more blogs I discover.  I started a list of all the blog links from various blog parties and then another list of all the blogs I have visited in a week.  I have a list of over 1000 different blogs.  Of course I haven’t visited that many; I only kept that list up to 42.  I have since been to a few more.

People are so creative and so willing to share their experiences and advice.  Blogging is so fun and I’m so glad to have it available.

Here is a list of the blog parties I have discovered.  I made this list so I can start participating in more, and more consistently.  I’m thinking if I at least try one party a week, I will stay focused in my blogging and be able to try out some great activities.


Metamorphosis Monday Between Naps on the Porch I haven’t posted yet, but check out her great posts.




Outdoor Wednesday A Southern Daydreamer  


Tablescape Thursday Between Naps on the Porch  


Foodie Friday Designs By Gollum  


Pink Saturday How Sweet The Sound I haven’t posted yet, but check out her great posts.


Showcase Saturday How Sweet the Sound  




Shanna Brooks said...

I am a new follower and a new member of the Bloggerette Society. I am making my rounds to "meet" all of the lovely ladies in the society. I would love for you to visit me @

Sherry said...

Thanks for the list of the blog parties. I have tried a few and I think your idea of trying on a week is great. I want to do a tablescape again soon.