Friday, June 11, 2010

Two Bites Blog

As I was visiting a friend’s blog, I rediscovered she actually has two blogs.  Her second blog (maybe her first?) is a food blog, called Alyssa’s Two Bites.  Her latest entry made me hungry enough to bake— she made scones!


I have a soft spot for scones and the posted picture made me instantly hungry for a fresh, hot scone.  Her recipe came from another friend and is very easy.  Like her, I made this recipe with my food processor.  She mentioned mixing the eggs, cream and vanilla with a spoon but I just threw them in and processed for about 30-45 seconds.  I also omitted kneading as this is accomplished with the processor.

I have used many scone recipes and the most notable difference was the yellow color, from adding eggs.  The taste was richer than scones without eggs and the texture was somewhat dryer and lighter than expected.  I love the way they baked at 400ยบ and my kids enjoyed them, especially with whipped cream and lingonberries.

 Two bit scones 007 Two bit scones 011

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Alyssa said...

YUM Beth!! Yours look great!! I love how you left it in a round and scored them (I've been cutting them all the way through and separating). Glad you enjoyed them :) Especially with whipped cream... mmmmmmm!