Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wedding Season Has Begun

My daughter is getting married.  Yea!  I have mixed feelings about the whole wedding planning process.  I wasn’t going to get married so I never put much thought into the events of my wedding day.

Beth wedding headshot
I loved this veil.  My daughter was amazed by the crazy amount of tulle.  Wedding fashion was very different in 1992.

My daughter is completely opposite.  She should be since I have raised her to be a planner.  She was planning her birthday parties at the age of eight.  Before you think that is so great you have to know I told her I would throw whatever party she wanted if she planned it but if she didn’t plan it, who knows what kind of party she would have.  She had a date book by the age of 10.

Say Yes to the Dress party 010
Practicing making cake pops for the wedding reception treat.

It’s no wonder she has been planning her wedding day since she met the man of her dreams two years ago.

S&D-1 bw 2 rc wm
Check out Alyssa Talley Photography

Things are happening super fast. She found her dressed after just one shopping trip.  No, I am not posting pics- at least not yet.

Damask dress with 10a

She was only able to include myself and one of her aunts so we came up with a great idea for a party to share the moment with the rest of our friends and family.  The “Say Yes to the Dress” party marked the beginning of all the wedding planning festivities.

  Say Yes to the Dress party 036

Say Yes to the Dress party 060

This party was a great success.  I actually did most of the planning, right down to a game about the wedding dress.  Everyone got into two-person teams and using pictures of wedding dresses, designed a dress for the bride.  This picture is a little out of focus but it was kind of funny.

Say Yes to the Dress party 067

As a party favor, we made treat bags that included a sample of Farm House Fresh products.  We had a jar of the Strawberry Smash double moisturizer out for everyone to try.

Say Yes to the Dress party 027

We also included a cake pop in each treat bag, wrapped in cellophane of course.

Say Yes to the Dress party 069

I’m looking forward to posting more about the wedding plans as the year progresses.  The wedding is in June but I already feel like it’s too soon.  Lucky for me, I am not doing all the planning, just the paying.


Cheryl said...

I know how you feel. I have my son getting married next year October and my DLI-to-be is amazing with her plans, but I am doing the invites, menues, thank you's and yes it is an exciting time, but daunting at the same time!

Lori E said...

Make sure everyone takes time to savor the moments. Lots of pictures too. More than you ever think you need.
Sound like this one will go off without a hitch...no..wait...we want a hitch at a wedding don't we?

Self Sagacity said...

I hear you. I have a four year old and I don't know how I will do with her growing up. Crying already here. I love your daughter's black and white photo. Well I like to plan but somethings just have to take its own path. And I usually find myself not in the exact place I want to be, but some how it does work out...

Sherry said...

It sounds like you are already having fun with this wedding. I am happy for all of you and I hope you continue to enjoy everything about this special time.