Sunday, July 24, 2011

Where Women Create Magazine Give-Away update

Well Hello!  It has been about a week now since the Where  Blogger’s WhereBloggersCreate2011Create blog party at My Desert Cottage.  I have been enjoying reading about everyone’s spaces.  Thank you so much, everyone, for your comments to my post. 

roses2There were a couple of questions within the comments I thought I would address.  Leanne, from Provoking Beauty, asked if the shades were drawn because it was a hot day or to keep from sun fading issues.  It was just a hot day the day the picture was taken.  Also, when I am in my office in the morning, and the sun is out, I usually have to keep the blinds down to keep the glare off my computer.

violet skiles bug

Violet, at Create Beauty, asked if I liked VW’s.  YES!  My first car was a 1966 VW bug.  I helped my dad rebuild an engine for it and new everything about that car.  It was yellow.  I kind of wish I still had it.  Violet did a post on What Bloggers Drive.  You should stop by- hers is purple.  It is so super cute.  I love that she named her car Gracie Lou.  That’s my friend’s dog’s name.  Oh, and the pictures she posted are amazingly adorable!

The over-riding theme within the comments was how this blog party helped many of us get our creative spaces clean and tidy.  It was just the right kind of encouragement to get organized so we could let others see our space.  It really doesn’t matter if you clean up for this party.  We don’t mind the mess; only that you came.

untitled  Now for the important matters.  I have all the comments from my Where Bloggers Create post collected.  I will keep collecting through today.  If you shared my post on your blog, share the link with me so I can add another entry for you.  You can add it in your comment or just click on my name in the left sidebar to get my email address.  I will announce the winner tomorrow.  Stay posted!

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"Create Beauty" said...

Hi Beth!
Thanks for your fun comments and for sharing the link to my purple VW Beetle blog post : )

Your first car was a Yellow '66 Bug? Oh what fun!

~ Violet