Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Anti-Procrastination Tuesday First Summer Boat Ride

Good morning!  Anti-Procrastination Tuesday is my favorite link party because it really helps me get on track and stay on track in my pursuit of homemaking.


Of course, now that I am working full time, the ability to procrastinate is oh, so strong.

Colin's new clothes and drive home 083

I make folding laundry into a game, with a reward when I am done.  Even then, I usually have at least one load sitting in my basket.  Keeping up with the ironing is a challenge, to say the least.

Colin's new clothes and drive home 005

Still, I am not so driven I can’t see a good opportunity when it comes.  This weekend, we were treated to gorgeous weather.  My husband and I were home at the same time, with no pressing commitments (we did leave church very quickly, because of the tide).  Being on the water was an order!

Colin's new clothes and drive home 025

There is always time for laundry later.

Colin's new clothes and drive home 021

Apparently we were not the only ones with this idea.

Colin's new clothes and drive home 085

Now, had the weather been not-so-good, I would have worked on my sewing projects.  I guess that will have to wait, again.

Colin's new clothes and drive home 084

Then after that, I will have to get on to writing transcripts for my son’s 9th grade year.

Colin's new clothes and drive home 061

For now, I must quit procrastinating getting off to work.

Enjoy your day.  Beth


Marianne said...

I think it will have to go into my bucket list to go on the water here in the Seattle area somehow before we move to Norway in 2012. Maybe canooing down in Seattle with the girls could be a good idea.
You are so lucky to have your own boat and being able to go out whenever you want. Then it shouldn't be called procrastinating, just refocusing on what is the most important in life.
Have a good week.

Debbie said...

With our weather, a nice retreat on to the water would be a welcome reason to procrastinate. I just discovered this anti-procrastination party, and I love the incentive. I'm already thinking of what I can stop putting off next.