Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Never Enough Pictures

I am so grateful for a lifetime of photos, which is why I am linking up with Heidi at Heart and Homeheader_pic_6-19-10


I have been tearing through boxes and books of photos, sorting, rearranging and just otherwise looking for photos.  When I do this, I always find a few photos I want to put up—somewhere.  The problem is, where?  I only have so much wall space, and I can barely see the books on the shelf for all the photo frames.


Despite the lack of space for all these photos, I am so grateful to have so many.  I love being able to capture my children’s lives in snapshots.  A picture is a thousand words, and most of the time, the kids look so happy in these moments in time.


Crazy, huh?  I remember taking this photo of my daughter.  She had just woken up from a much needed nap and was desperate for food.

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Heidi said...

HI Beth,
I totally understand what you said about photos,they are such a wonderful reminder of special moments in our lives. Lately I've been feeling lost without them, my memory isn't as vivid as it used to be that's for sure! I'm so grateful for all my 30+ very fat photo albums, plus my blog which is a wealth of memories for me as well.
Thanks for linking to Wednesday Gratitude,
Heidi - Heart and Home